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Minnie mouse 12 Tuumaa 21,5 cm Tytöt Jalkajarru Pink

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Disney Minnie Tytöt bike with basket and doll seat This bike is perfect for all Minnie Mouse fans! The bike has a doll’s seat at the back and a plastic basket at the front, so that every girl can take her things with her and keep her hands safely on the handlebar. The bike also has a closed chain guard to protect the little fingers. The bike is also equipped with a handbrake and a back-pedal brake and fresh white tires with metal rims. To learn to ride quickly, the bike has two removable side wheels. Which girl doesn’t want this bike? Specifications: Colour: pink Gender: Tytöt Frame material: steel Material rim: steel Wheel size: 12 Tuumaa Frame size: 21.5 cm Age: 3 – 4.5 years old Weight: 10 kg Brake specifications: Front brake type: V-brake Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Bicycle bell: yes Side wheels: yes Steering basket: yes Dolls seat: yes